K1 Power Boost Kit
K1 Power Boost Kit
K1 Power Boost Kit
K1 Power Boost Kit
K1 Power Boost Kit
K1 Power Boost Kit
K1 Power Boost Kit
K1 Power Boost Kit
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K1 Power Boost Kit

Please get the $100 kit coupon with your printer SN code on Creality.com before placing your order. | Kit Includes: AI Camera*1, Random Color Hyper Filament *1


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  1. Please be aware that submitting incorrect or repeated SN codes will lead to unsuccessful K1 ownership verification.
  2. Each SN code of a K1 printer can only be used to purchase one kit. If you have purchased multiple K1 printers, please contact event@creality.com for assistance in purchasing multiple kits. In the email subject, kindly write "Multiple K1 Purchases" for faster processing.
  3. In Step 1, if you purchased your K1 printer online, please provide the website name, and your K1 Purchase Proof can be a payment screenshot or order screenshot. If you purchased your K1 printer offline, please provide the country and store name, and your K1 Purchase Proof can be an invoice or receipt.
  4. To ensure a successful purchase, please use the same email provided in Step 1 to log in and purchase the K1 kits. Using a different email will result in an unsuccessful purchase.
  5. The exclusive discount coupon for the K1 kits will be activated after 48 hours. If you encounter any issues with the coupon, please wait patiently until the 48 hours have passed. If it still doesn't work after 48 hours, kindly contact event@creality.com for assistance.
  6. Please note that one SN code can only be used to purchase one kit from the two options. Attempting to purchase both kits will require one of them to be purchased at the full price.
  7. To complete the purchase of the K1 kits, please visit www.crealityk1.com. We have now granted users from all countries permission to purchase K1 kits.
  8. For those who choose and order a $2.99 kit, you must share your k1 moments to any of those platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    TikTok, and Reddit, then send screenshots to event@creality.com
  9. Any fraudulent activities will result in disqualification from purchasing the K1 kits.
  10. Limit of 1 unit per person for the product. Additional units will be charged at the regular price.


Can I purchase the K1 kits even if I purchased the K1 printer from a source other than the Creality Official store?

Yes, as long as you have purchased the k1 printer and can provide relevant proof and SN code, you are eligible to purchase the K1 kits.

Do I need to pay for shipping?

Creality will cover the shipping costs, but you will be responsible for any applicable customs duties.

What if the accessories in the kit are damaged?

If you discover any quality issues within 7 natural days of receiving the package, we can provide replacements. For more information about the return and exchange policies, please refer to the Return Policy page.

When will the K1 kit be shipped?

The K1 Power Boost Kit will be shipped in sequence based on the order placement starting from September 21st.

If I purchase the K1 printer now, can I still buy the K1 kits?

Yes, the K1 Power Boost Kit will last from July 21st to September 21st, and it is applicable for those who purchased the k1 before or during this period and can provide relevant proof.